What Should You Do If the Washing Machine Drum Doesn't Turn?

If you have teed up a load of dirty washing in your machine, programmed the timing and switched it on, you may be scratching your head if you notice any inaction. After all, you may have many other loads waiting in the nearby basket and cannot afford any delays. Can you troubleshoot the problem and do something about it, or will you need to call in an expert?

Spin-less Drum

If there is clearly some power to the machine and the door is closed correctly, the issue may be related to the drum. In this case, it may not be able to spin, so you cannot activate either the wash or rinse cycle.

Manual Test

Turn off the power so you can reopen the door, and then try to turn the drum by hand. It should turn slowly and with some resistance in normal circumstances. However, the issue may be related to the drive belt or something more substantial.

First Check

The drum will probably spin quickly and will take a long time to slow down if the belt is broken or not connected. To investigate further, you will need to pull the machine out and remove the back panel so you can see the inner workings. It's very unusual for a belt to simply come off, and if the belt itself appears to be in good condition, it's possible that the bearings that support the drive mechanism may have failed.

Worn Belt

Before you attempt to replace the belt, make sure you have a good look at it first. Does it appear to be overly worn and are the grooves that help it bind to the mechanism still defined? If not, you need to get in touch with your supplier to get a replacement.

If it looks okay, locate the adjustable nut that's next to the motor and move the pulley so you can reattach the belt. When you tighten it, ensure that there is some free play, but not too much, before testing the mechanism again.

Drum Pulley Issues

You may find that the machine now works, but the belt slides off again. This may be due to a faulty drum pulley. Do not try to overtighten anything because bolts could shear off in the worst-case scenario, and you'll be left with a much larger repair bill. If you feel that the drum pulley has seen better days, this is another part you may need to order from your supplier.

Reaching out

If all else fails, your issue may relate to the motor. There is little that you can do to fix this by yourself, and may need to delay your laundry day until the expert can revert it.

Contact a local appliance store, such as Westinghouse Spare Parts, to learn more.

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