Top 3 holiday and winter fire hazards to avoid

Statistics reveal that about 43% of all fire fatalities occur during the winter period. This is mainly attributed to the fact that heating appliances are always in use as the occupants try to keep the cold away. Additionally, the winter holidays are filled with all sorts of commotion as families gather to enjoy the holidays. However, you need to be assertive. Fire hazards become a lot more prominent during this season, so it's about time you took precautions. If you're looking to have a flawless winter holiday, then here are some mistakes you have to avoid.

Lacking fire equipment

You need to ensure that you've properly stocked your home with enough fire equipment. An extinguisher at every exit could really assist in putting out smaller fires or suppressing the fire and paving the way for your escape. But you also need to have the right fire extinguisher for the job. If you've got a lot of flammables, then have a foam fire extinguisher. It can eliminate class B fires that are caused by flammable liquids such as paints and kerosene. Water extinguishers won't help out with that. A carbon dioxide extinguisher is more suitable for electrical hazards. You could also get a powder extinguisher that can handle all classes of fire whether by flammable liquids or electrical hazards.

Not watering the Christmas trees

Dry Christmas trees can cause a devastating fire in seconds. Any electrical short circuiting in the lights would quickly bring it up in flames. A good tip is to ensure the tree stand has got enough water. Also keep your candles away from the tree.

After the Christmas period, remember to dispose of your tree carefully. You could recycle it to prevent any fire risk. Some fires start up late in the night after Christmas when the tree has dried out outside your home.

Neglecting the fireplace

Another deadly fire hazard is a neglected fireplace. Before the winter starts, you need to ensure that it's properly cleaned. Have a professional inspect it. They will be used constantly, so it's important to ensure that they'll be effective. You could also use a fireplace protective screen to ensure that your children or pets don't get too close to the fire.

Also avoid burning paper because burning pieces can fly out above the chimney and land on your roof or neighbouring buildings. Live cut trees also have particles that could escape the chimney and start a fire.

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