Cold as Ice: Defrosting Your Upright Freezer

From time to time, every freezer will need to be defrosted, as an accumulation of excess ice can place strain on the fan and coolant within the unit. Below are some simple tips to get your freezer quickly defrosted and back into action.

Unplug and Empty

The first thing you need to do is unplug the freezer from the power supply. Once this is done, you should empty the contents of the freezer unit. Place the items in a cooler box with ice packs to help preserve the food and to prevent their cardboard boxes from becoming soggy. You should also remove any shelves and other storage compartments from the freezer.

Towels and Foil

Next, place towels in the bottom of the freezer and place aluminium foil on top of the towels. The aluminium foil will catch the melt water as the freezer begins to defrost, preventing the water from refreezing, while the towels will soak up any excess run off water.

Seeps and Leaks

To defrost an upright freezer. it is important that the door is left open. Because of this, water can easily leak out. To help to prevent the water leaking onto the floor, you should use a garbage bag. Open the garbage bag and tape it securely to the bottom of the door using duct tape, so that it remains open and hanging on the lip of the freezer. This should catch any water which seeps or leaks from the unit.

Removing Excess Ice

You may not have the time or patience to wait for nature to take its course and the ice to melt. If you want to speed up the process, you should use a plastic spatula to scrape the freezer. You should begin scraping the bottom surface of the freezer unit and work your way up the sides, removing the ice as you go. The ice should fall onto the aluminium foil, making it easy for you to collect it. You should place the chunks of ice in a sink so they can melt away. While you are transporting the ice in the foil, the towels will capture any drips or leaks from the defrosting unit.

Tidying Up

Once you have removed all the ice, remove the aluminium foil and towels from the bottom of the unit and place them in a sink. Then wipe down the interior of the unit with a dry cloth to remove any excess moisture. Replace your food items and then reconnect the freezer to the power supply.

If you are experiencing frequent problems with icing in your freezer, you should have it inspected by a appliance specialist.

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